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-side economics. why when you cut taxes, which are just like a prize, you reduce costs across the economy and allow the united states to expand its global share of the market for enterprise and wealth and that's why supply-side economics works. it's not merely by balancing the budget for overcoming diet or one of these accounting gimmicks that are often treated as conservative economics. it's opening horizons of the economy to human creativity. creativity always comes as a surprise to us. so you cannot plan it. if you plan it, you wouldn't need it. >> mr. gilder, can mitt romney used the phrase politically supply-side economics quiets >> i think he could. in all, he's surviving the vatican inspiration and that book fair was quoted more -- made me president reagan's most quoted living author. he quoted that book regularly throughout his administration. reagan didn't ounce the budget. actually during the reagan administration, there is a dollars increase in government debt overall. he was winning the cold war. but the private sector increased its assets by some $17 trillion under carter we
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about low taxes are free markets was he was described as being cold and evil. the data never hugged you and the basis of a liberalism, the data never hugged. he didn't hate the poor. he ate the poor. a consequence of this, republicans don't really fight back. we assume that we are cold and we don't know what to do about it except continually make the economy work while we let the liberals destroyed and then we come in every two years and fix it. but right now -- [applause] common sense is viewed as intolerant. the nicest thing you can say to somebody no matter who it is is to get a job. the nicest thing you can say. when you're walking down the street and there's a guy panhandling and you say get a job, you're complimenting him. you are saying that you have the will and the means to get a job. but now these days if you say that, you are seen as mean and intolerant to assume people have the power to act of their own volition. that is where we are at now, that we can think of ourselves as a person he can take care of themselves. you are a bigot. i never thought i would see compassionate c
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as long as the ship was paid in excise tasked you could tax since before the united states. but joseph kennedy limited and he refused to pay the excise tax people said here's the program here is the smoking gun. well i found this kennedy and i looked at the business records and the tax records and so no bootlegging of any sort. here and then we will go across to what extent did john kennedy know of his father's relationships with multiple women. [laughter] >> yes and i think there are no cavities in the audience here jack was much more predatory even then his father was joe kennedy spent, joe kennedy and rose had an arrangement much like her father fi had an arrangement with rose's mother and then do whatever the hell i want, and he didn't. he tried not to embarrass rose. i don't think jack had that same code that is inexcusable, gloria swanson, one of the things i found as i went to austin texas to see the glorious papers and i teach ph.d. students i'm the only historian who's made the trip to austin texas which has these great archives including the lbj library to look at the gloria
and reached out across the aisle on various things with regard to economic reform, tax reform, immigration reform. i think -- well, i don't have a crystal ball. i think that there is little doubt that the president would be willing to compromise if the other party is willing to meet him part of the like. the other party has a job to see how much it can get for its site , and given, you know, the issues we have been through, such as the fiscal cliff, the fact is there is no way out of these issues without compromise. but i do think we will see compromise on something like immigration reform because demographics, the republicans as well as the democrats recognize that there has -- they have to show some support for immigration reform if they are not going to in the case of the republicans. lose the hispanic population permanently to the republican party. so the president has already shown willingness to compromise. and all of the data shows that republicans are the party that has moved further to the right and the democrats have moved to the left, although both parties have moved to the extr
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. they don't want to pay the whiskey tax. hamilton has figured out -- >> its attacks on grain by the way. >> the excess grain that farmers use after they have barely pay their rent, they are in pittsburgh and western pennsylvania, i'll pass carlisle but anyway they are paying rent back to the east on their land and they are barely making any money and all of a sudden they have got this opportunity to make money with it excess grain and so whiskey and then they will be taxed on it. basically there is an argument made by bill hoagland whose book, founding fathers, they are drinking whiskey there at the reading. he writes about this and i used him. basically the idea is that hamilton and washington and everyone was saying during the war, these british are making us pay. they created this idea public debt and that funds their army and its horrible. they are making us pay as columnist. we have to pay the higher prices on stuff to fund their debt. they go to war and its horrible. they come to the army and they say why don't we start the public debt. we will start that whole sinking fund thing
in the street and a picket lines, is hoping for a tax cut so you can get a wage increase. so finances absolutely fundamental. exactly as you said, to discipline people and the competition which leaves that -- means that they tend to identify there interests of the corporation in order to be competitive and not with other workers. in fact, they look to saving their job in helping somebody else. >> there is a broader and logger aspect of this as well. the long run is that and a sense we need to say that the great organization that emerged through the late 19th century, the first half of the 20th, the trade unions, socialist parties, that turned out to be successful primarily in the sense of allowing the members to become individual customers. and for a time course successfully so. and part of that individual consensus that was one, even though welfare was oriented. it will to be consumers. it was explained. kings and economics. and the labor movement facilitated that. it could not happen without it. in part of that was, okay, instead of a wage increase we will win the pension benefit or we will wi
and supported by the federal tax code and this is still how most americans get their health care today. health coverage. so insurance coverage and access to health care depends on whether you are employed and where you are employed, whether your employer chooses or is able to provide health benefits and what kind and how much cost your employer is willing or able to cover. a system based on employer health coverage excludes a lot of people. people who look for smaller employers, the unemployed, women who temporarily leave the workforce to have children and the retired don't have access to insurance. rationing by employment means people who retire lose health coverage at a time they will probably start to need it the most. it was this flaw in the and women based health system that led to the creation of medicare in 1965. medicare itself is a system of rationing by age. there's no logical reason to give all people over 65 a completely different kind of health coverage than people under 65 but that is the way the health system evolved, creating incremental programs to try to cover the gap. and we
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know this: that pleas for immediate action, for jobs, for tax justice, for climate action will, at best, be met with proposals for modest accommodation and half measures and that the struggle for deep, systemic change will be met with fierce opposition. so an all-important conclusion emerges. namely, that the prospects for systemic change will depend mightily on our democracy and on the power of the social and political movement that is built. transformative change, and even most of the proposals for reform offered by progressives in washington today, will not be possible without a new politics in america. so a pro-democracy political reform and building a new, progressive movement in america must be priority number one. in the end, it all comes down the to the american people and the strong possibility that we still have it in us to use our freedom and our democracy in powerful ways to create something fine; a reborn america for our children and grandchildren. we can realize the new american dream, an america the possible, if enough of us join together in the fight for it. this new dre
administers price is. they are called taxes. so lower tax rates expand the economy and we need more revenues for the government and less zero-sum struggles over government favors. >> we been talking books tv but george gilder, author of several books with the new addition of george gilder, which came out originally in the early 80s. this is a tv on c-span 2. >> now i program from the up to the archives. fatima bhutto kameny said former pakistani prime minister, benazir bhutto, talks about growing up in a family powerbrokers. may suffer chronicles her close relatives including her own father who were assassinated by political. benazir bhutto was sworn in as prime minister of pakistan on december 2nd come in 1888. this is about an hour 15. >> back at home this evening. in the kitchen cooking at winning to my parents bedroom and sat as they watch television on the bed. he was a little child then in this so easy to take care of. we were lazily watching boston's ace, a show made in the 19th 60s about the same astronauts. there's nothing else on. sophie was laying on his stomach, hat in hand sand
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the whiskey tax. hamilton has figured out -- >> [inaudible] spent on the grain the farmers raise, after that barely paid the rent, there in the far, there in pittsburgh, out in western pennsylvania. out past carlyle. again what, they're paying rent back on their land. they are barely making any money. then all of a sudden they've got this opportunity to make some money with your excess grain and so whiskey, then you'll be taxed on. and basically there's a really good argument made, they're drinking whiskey at the reading, he writes about this, and i used him. and basically the idea is that hamilton and washington, and it but it was saying during the war, these british, they're making us pay, they create this idea of public debt. and it funds the army and its horrible, just horrible. they're making us pay as colonists, we have to pay a higher price and stuff to fund the debt. it's horrible, horrible. so they go to war. then they start the work and they say why don't we start public debt. we will start the whole sinking fund, and to do that after the war hambleton tries to create the mode
for the use of human and tax, reads another organism described in the modern vernacular and sold under several thousand different brand names. these sprays, and dust are almost universal. gardens, forests, homes. they have the power to deliver insight -- [inaudible] and to linger on the soil. all of this -- [inaudible] can anyone believe it is possible to lay down without making it unfit for a life in the nation not to be called insecticide. >> i remember scenes like that. to some of your member seen fogging tracks through the neighborhoods quiet it was certainly a different time. well, rachel carson did not live to see the environmental movement blossomed and flow out of what she started. she was halfway through "silent spring" when she discovered she had breast cancer ended with an advanced stage and was not diagnosed well. her treatment was inadequate to halt the disease and so she continued to fight her illness during the second two years. it took about for years to write the book and she was sick about half the time of her cancer and a variety of other illnesses. but she was a strong pers
download the application to tax for free forever hello america!-- ext >>host: we love this.i am to vein two a day i need readers or glasses. --toadmit >>host: -share lack of sleep. >>host: by the way you can do it with books. again, people my family with visual acuity actually blind. if you need to get large print books, a lot of them are not available in large print.when you do they are usually more expensive and frankly really big. obviously there are more pages. >>guest: look how big this is. 14 times. for anybody else in america needs or wants a large size look how large. and if for any reason you cannot see it you can have it read to you. >>host: when you download the application for free texting it will read to you. the kindle is the only one i know that reads to you or your kids. there you go. [reading] >>guest: you never know what you get when you play an aesop fable. >>host: in the first 10 minutes half the people ordered half of the people who have called our new shoppers. that tells me with your shopping a little or a lot we that can pole is available elsewher
right now-- hogs that is why they have this tax.hat. >>host: embarrass the and in the bears had is sold. yet it is available and very popular get to this holidayn, buy more and save to add to end to be the extra gift in for somebody don't know what to give to them. i do know if you know who their team is, if you know they have a great team, you know that they love it and that they have followed in cared about it, they probably do have a teacher they love boat a hat bailout but they do not have a mascot hat, to wear this on their head and to put on display and their man cave, this is a very wonderful gift idea and for under $18, or you really cannot go wrong. i do love this is a secret santa gift. this is a way to get something special and memorable. >>guest: will live up and stick it in a stocking. it can vision mom, dad, my kids going to the game and they pop out with the done, as is a great way to show your support and these are fun. and in view with them to the game nobody cares this is all about ready for your team, everybody will be in the parking lot this is a perry get
-- $3 billion in military aid awarded israel with our tax dollars every year -- is clear and always has been. meanwhile, we must carry an extra sense of humility when it comes to an indimming now movement -- indigenous movement, in this case both as jews and americans. and that means listening when we are given the opportunity to support the oppressed. in 2005 palestinian civil society issued a call for boycott, divestment and sanctions, bds, against israel until it complies with international law and ends its illegal occupation, implements full equality for palestinians inside israel and promotes the right of return for palestinian refugees. all of these three things are also inscribed in international law. the call does not specify what the solution should look like necessarily. behind this call stands the largest breadth and broadest consensus of palestinian voices to my knowledge. it has been signed by more than 170 organizations representing all segments of palestinian civil society including unions, all major political parties, human rights organizations and more. the growing glob
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)